Mobogenie App- Perfect Android Companion

Though Android phones have taken over the place of the PC nowadays, we need our PCs more often when our smartphone start ditching us by showing an irritating error of not having enough space for storage. To transfer files smoothly and in order to keep all the data in one place securely we need a smart Android PC manager app and frankly speaking there is no one best at this work like Mobogenie. We are not biased but inclined to Mobogenie after we had taken this app to try once. Try it once and we are sure that you will also admit it.

Mobogenie App- All-rounder Android Management App

USB Connection: Using a simple USB cable you can transfer all the files from phone to PC and vice versa easily. There has been nothing simple enough!

Features of the Mobogenie App

There are many features built-in and these are really awesome enough to try. File transfer feature is the keystroke of the features it has.

Install and update app: Using Mobogenie users can easily update and install apps. There is no need to go into Google Play store. Instead, you can do everything right from the dashboard of the app.

Set tones for notifications: We have told you that this is an all in one app for Android. Using it you can set alarm and ringtones for calls. Not only these but also different notifications for different apps also!

Built-in YouTube downloader: There is a YouTube downloader built-in in this app. whichever video you want to download you can easily. There is no special technique for this. Search the video want to download and with a simple click you can stream that and download as well.

Manage contacts, SMS, and Medias: You can manage all the lists of contacts, SMS and pictures along with music and all right from the dashboard of the Mobogenie. I am personally not satisfied with the features as there is a hell lot of lag!

Restore device after backup: You can take a backup of the Medias of your phone and can restore those after proper cleaning or formatting of your device. This is a very attractive feature when you want a reliable app to store everything before you proceed to have a cleanup of your device.

Compatible with Windows: It’s compatible with the entire Windows version except Windows 10! If your PC is running on anything between Win XP and Win 8.1 then you can use this extremely helpful app that can be a suitable bridge between your PC and Android phone.

You need this app if you are looking for an app that can save a lot of things when you go for formatting your phone and can manage file transfer with ease but if don’t have much time in hand and if your contacts and all the data are in the cloud system then it does not help you a lot. This Android manager can release a lot of tension from your head and gives you a clean and managed look. Go ahead and have mobogenie download.

Best Standing shoes for your feet

It is evitable to select right fitted and appropriate type of shoes for one’s feet. Failure to meet such requirements may result in many problems such as blister which is a kind of feet infection. This problem can become more severe and results in endless feet pain.

Working Men & women can have different requirements and thus you can consider few factors for choosing correct standing shoes for one. Few differences should be kept in mind while selecting shoe option.

  •    Shape- shoe width is an important factor which should be considered before purchasing any standing shoes. Women standing shoes are designed for wider toe area when compared to men’s shoes. Thus, it is the main reason behind different sized shoes available in the market.
  •    Weight- standing shoes specially designed for women are lighter in weight than those of men. This is because as women have less muscular mass than men, therefore, they require light weighted standing shoes.
  •    Fit- men feet are wider than women and thus shoes meant for the two genders are designed accordingly. Shoe fitting may also depend upon the personal choice of a person as well.
  •    Q-angle- women require wider q-angle shoes than men as their body structure.

Best shoes for standing all day can be purchased after looking into certain aspects-

  1.    Real leather- shoes made of real leather can durable and can provide maximum support to your feet while walking and standing. The leather is being considered as most comfortable material for shoes from years. Though it is quite difficult to clean such shoes yet it keeps your feet away from all kind of infection and prevents sweating it badly during summers.
  2.    Slip resistant- it is desirable to choose shoes that are slip resistant. It might happen that while walking on a slippery surface you can even fell down and get some injuries due to shoes that do not slip resistant. You can enquire such details from a salesperson before making any purchase for standing shoes as well.
  3.    Good Padding with heel & arch support. These are an inevitable consideration for standing shoes. Padding helps in relaxing the feet and keeping it away from stress which can cause long term pain in leg muscles while heel plus arch support avoid feet pain while standing or walking for a long time.
  4.    Rubber mixed synthetic leather shoes- sometimes you will find people who are completely against the products which are being made from animal’s skins. Rubber or synthetic leather is a perfect option for such people. These kinds of standing shoes are easy to clean and quite durable in nature. These can be perfectly fitted on your feet and can be worn for a long time without having any skin infection or pain in feet.

List of top shoes for standing all day is mentioned below-

  1. Renova slip-on: these are professionals shoes specially designed for female gender and according to their needs.
  2. Debra slip-on: Another kind of professional shoes for women with slip resistant feature.
  3. Mercy clogs & crosses: rubber standing shoes for women.
  4. Loving life sneaker: perfect for walking purpose.

Essential Gadgets for home: Water Softener

There are various water softeners that help you to soften the hard water in your house. Having the hard water in the house might create various problems even if it has no effect while drinking.

According to the review by the users, followings are some of the best water softener for your home to soften the hard water:-

Aqua – Pure AP902

This water softener is available in the store at low prices. It can be installed by the non-technical people very easily. Its base is made of the non-corrosive steel head. It is one of the best water softeners that has the capacity to produce 20 gallons filtered per minute. The product is manufactured by the 3M purification and weighs only 9.1 pounds making it too easy to install in the proper place.

Water Boss 220 22000 Grain water softener

Even if it is one of the most expensive product in the water softener field, it is being used by many people. It is big in size but has been provided with very professional looks.  This gadget is very suitable for the big homes and it has a capacity to reduce the ferrous iron up to 10PPM, softening the 70 Grains per gallon. The product measures 18 (3/4) in deep, 14/34 in wide, and 25 (3/4) tall.

Fleck 5600SXT

The product is slightly higher but the system is very effective. It has been provided with the digital meter which the owner can read easily while using. It can be installed in the very easy methods. Threaded plumbing adapter and the bypass valve are the additional features provided on the board. The gadget is suitable for the big homes and it has the capacity to soften the medium types of the hard water. This slightly big equipment weights around 150 pounds. Hence, you might need someone to help you during the installation process.

NuvoH2O Manor

This equipment is very small in size and you need no electricity, salt or magnets. It is 29 inches long and 8 inches wide in size which helps you install at any place with comfort. It not only removes the scale but also helps to increase the efficiency of your goods like water heater and water pipes. This salt-free based water softener is very popular even if it is one of the most expensive solutions for the hard water. This salt-free based softener do not affect the drinking water.

Iron Pro 2

This water softener is one of the most functioning water softeners. The product has been provided with the digital meter valve so that you can easily use the system. It has remove rate of the Hardness is up to 75 GPG. Likewise, its rate of removing manganese is up to 6 PPM and iron up to 8 PPM range. The product is large in size as it weighs 200 pounds but the installation process is not so difficult and can be done by considering the various points. Normally, it lasts for around 10 years.

Walking shoes- the best that your feet deserve

You might be walking and exercising a great deal, it’s all very good. But if you want to reap the maximum amount of benefit from these activities and stay fit as a fiddle then a good walking shoe is absolutely indispensable. One may question, what is the need of walking shoes and what are the best walking shoes for men? Here is the answer for you. They are needed to maintain the proper walking technique and also prevent injuries.  Shoes are very much like tools, and without the right tools, you are sure to hurt yourself.


To choose the best men walking shoes a few points have to be kept in mind.

  • Flexibility- a walker’s gait is different from that of a runner. For a walker, his heel hits the ground first and then it rolls to the toe. So it is much needed that you are able to bend and twist the toe region
  • Lightweight and breathable- you definitely do not want to feel bogged down by a heavy shoe. So make sure the shoe you pick is light and is made of breathable material.
  • Fit- this is one of the most important things. The fit should never be too tight. There should be enough space for the toes.
  • Waterproofing- a shoe that will be all soggy in the rain is not desirable. So make sure the walking shoe you pick is waterproof.

A walking shoe absorbs shock, protects the feet, and allows stress relieving. It relaxes the spine and muscle and expiates the stress by cleverly manipulating the underfoot pressure points. The best men walking shoes combine all these essential features and provide an absolutely rounded support to your feet and add greatly to your wellbeing.

Some of the best men walking shoes are

  • Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe
  • Reebok Men’s DMX Max Select Rs Walking Shoe
  • New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoe
  • Skechers performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-on
  • Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

These top walking shoes provide a unique blend of comfort and style and add greatly to the well-being of the individual. These shoes combine in them all the features that make a great walking shoe. For Instance, Rockport Eureka is absolutely waterproof due to its moisture-wicking and mesh lining.

Moreover, it is supremely comfortable because of the latex foam footbed. If it is your objective to reduce the pain during long walks Rockport Eureka is just the one for you. Reebok Men’s DMX Max Select Rs Walking Shoe is a shoe with rubberized molded sole which makes it extremely stable and firm.

Walking shoe provides amazing fits. The cushion is great for men with aching heels. The other best men walking shoes all provide excellent comfort, protection and shields and guards any injury that may occur on the go.

So without much ado pick and choose wisely from the wide range of walking shoes and give that added edge to your moves. These shoes are undoubtedly your best friends when on the move and absolutely indispensable for all walkers.

How to make full use of android by rooting it with Framaroot?

The arrival of the Framaroot is a revolution of sorts in the smartphone industry. Creation of applications on a regular basis has expanded the capacity of the smartphone; however, rooting process is required so that the system files are used in accomplishing the task. Due to the implementation of the security measures on the phone, rooting is an essential task for the users. Several tips and tricks would help to make full use of the capability of the Android device to get the desired results.
Role of the Framaroot APK:

Framaroot APK is an important application that would go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users due to an amazing interface. Instead of representing a complex mishmash of instructions, the steps for downloading are quite simple.

All you need to do is to log on to the Google store and download the APK software and watch it weave its magic on the system.

Installation is a breeze:

Installation of the Framaroot application is a breeze because it consists of few steps and rebooting of the system to get the job done within the shortest possible time. Before the installation, one has to select the exploits as the application provides numerous options. You should select any one of them and check whether it is compatible with the phone.

Script power:

As far as the capability of the Framaroot is concerned, the Super SU is the elephant in the room. It consists of numerous scripts that could be executed to root the device accordingly. Install Super SU menu indicates the default state of the application. Selecting the exploit is followed by the reboot of the system. It is a necessary step to check the access level of the smartphone.

Absence of computer:

The computer is not required for the rooting of the system as Framaroot has the capability to manipulate the ROM of the phone. It is a wonderful option for the users to enhance the capability of the phone by many notches. Entire processing of the application is conducted by the device, as it has inbuilt attributes.

A one-touch app:

After a long time, the advent of the app has trivialized the rooting process to a single click. It is akin to opening a folder with the mouse. The heavy duty work which the users did in the past is now automatically handled by the application. As a result, you can root the phone without any help with Framaroot at the disposal.

Billed as the fastest to root the system, it works in an impeccable manner with Android 2.0+. Therefore, lots of users are benefitting from its services. Regular method of rooting a cumbersome job as the users lost themselves in the maze of technical jargons while accomplishing the task. You should make sure that only the right version of the Android operating system is being used to get sterling performance. With rooting, the capabilities of the application are enhanced significantly.

How to get rid of mosquito bites?

Mosquitoes are very common during the summers, especially in the evening. The kids are more prone to mosquito biting than the adults and that is why it is important to keep them safe.  It is because mosquito biting can cause skin irritation and redness that may result in discomfort. If you too are facing a similar problem in your home or outside, it is essential to keep a few tips in mind so that you can get rid of the same.

Here are some of the easy remedies that answer your question of how to get rid of mosquito bites :-

Using calamine lotion – This is one of the most effective ways to overcome the effect of the mosquito bite. Calamine is said to have ferric and zinc oxide which is really good in healing your skin and giving a soothing effect. Using the calamine lotion is very simple as you just have to apply it on the affected area and soon your itching will get reduced. After some time, you will not feel the effect of mosquito bite anymore.

Ice packs – Another very useful remedy for the mosquito bites is the ice packs. Take a few cubes of ice and crush them. Then put them together in a cloth and rub it on the affected area. The ice pack is said to relieve pain, itching and also reduce redness and even swelling. In all, it is definitely one of the easiest remedies which can be done at home.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is also a good solution to treat the mosquito bites. As we all know that Aloe Vera is known for its inflammatory properties which mean that it puts an end to itching and gives you quick relief. So you use the Aloe Vera on the area where the mosquito has bitten and experienced the difference yourself. You will feel better and overcome the pain as well.

Listerine – This is something that is available in every home and can be used for treating the mosquito bite. Listerine is perfect in this case because it contains methanol which provides a cooling sensation to the affected area thereby reducing the itching, pain, and redness in no time. Just soak some cotton in the solution and dap it on the skin, you will feel a lot of relief.

Lavender oil – This oil is not only useful for treating mosquito bites but other insects as well. As it has inflammatory properties, therefore, provides a relief from the burning sensation and soothes your skin. You can use the same in the case of bug bites too.

Banana peel – Banana peel is also a superb way to treat the mosquito bite. First, wash the area with sanitizer and dry it. Then rub the peel for about 7-10 minutes thus overcoming the redness and itching. It is very easy and effective, that is why it is one of the best home remedies.

So these are some of the helpful remedies that you can go for in case you or your kids are bitten by the mosquitoes.

5 Unblocked Games You Must Play

Unblocked games are games which you can play online at school. Kids really like these sort of games as they are very entertaining as well as learning. There are many sites available which assist you in finding or to play games online. These sites provide you much variety of available unblocked games.

Unblocked games provide you many sources of entertainment which help you to learn the story as well as how to play in an effective way.

In this article, we have presented a list of unblocked games which are very entertaining and also you intend to play definitely. But you need to understand the few T&C so that you can play it with ease as well as efficiently.

Here we have compiled a list of 5 unblocked games which you really intend to play. So have a look on these unblocked games. If you want to play them on android, you may try game killer also.

  • RoboKill – This is an adventurous unblocked game which you can play online. There is a character named Titan Prime is invaded by a number of robots. It has only 2 weapons. What you need to do is just destroy all the angry robots. You may earn more points and can upgrade or own more weapons etc. Just Play-Complete levels – destroy and be the winner.

  • Stick Cricket – It is a game which is unblocked. You can play it online. You may choose the opponents score and they are one-day international teams. Just win the game in order to grab password which permits you to progress to next opponent. This is a simple game. For catching the ball with bat need to be faster. Just by winning, you can score more.

  • Bubble Spinner 2 – this is an unblocked game in which you shoot bubbles color by color. These bubbles rotate around the pin. If due to some reasons, you miss out or touch another color bubbles 3-times then main bubbles will enhance along another bubble in distinct colors. You can shoot from right place as well as from border.

  • Bad Birds – this is an unblocked game which you can select just by clicking on the action button. By clicking on it, the bird starts to dig and assist you to find the next. If you really intend to assist other birds then you need to click on the right place. Complete the levels and you shall see that the birds will start to use parachute instead of flying.

  • Mini Putt 3 – This is an unblocked game which you can play online. It is golf game. What you need to do is just shot the ball & put in the hole. Play the game with 2-3-5 players. At the top left corner of the screen, you may see player shot time, as well as fifteen distinct tables. You may see the results if you completed with shots. Here you can earn more points and can be upgraded to next level. In this game, only mouse is used to play the game.

Cheat Games With Game Killer

Are you a big fan of games but cannot play them just because your phone does not allow? If yes, then you are at the right page because today I am going to tell you the best solution without rooting your phone. Before going into anything let me tell you what is the term rooting of the phone means.

You must be aware of a technique when you unlock operating system of your phone so that you can play unauthorised games or run unapproved apps, this process is known as ‘rooting of the phone’.

In order to have an access to all kinds of unsupportive files and apps one has to go for rooting but the process of rooting is not safe. Many of you might not be aware of the risks involved in the process of rooting as it has become very common in today’s youth.

One must know that rooting is equivalent to jailbreak and as it is considered as a crime so the makers have made the operating system of the phone in such a way that it does not allow you to install them. Rooting can be useful only if the right person who is an expert of rooting does it successfully and when you fail or skip even a single step your phone will no longer be of any use.

Now you can easily analyse the danger involved in rooting of your phone. In order to make money many root breakers will not tell you the risks involved and as it has become so common so you also do not find any problem in trying.

This piece of writing is for all those who want to access all those unapproved apps but are not in favour of jailbreak. If you go with Game killer then you can hack games you always wanted to play without going through the process of rooting.

I consider this process better because in the process of jailbreak just for the sake of playing a game one may lose the complete access to the phone. Many people prefer warranty period of the phone for the rooting process as they think if something happens to their phone then they can fix it as their phone is still in warranty period.


But, this is not so, because as soon as rooting process fails with the access to your phone you will also lose the warranty. This is the biggest disadvantage of choosing rooting above all but you can save your phone and also yourself just by going with Gamekiller.

Once you install Gamekiller you will get the complete access to thousands of games, apps and many more things and the best part is your phone will be safe. Now with the help of just one app you can safely enjoy playing games, and access to unapproved apps. If you are a worm of games then this could be your perfect partner by giving you access to more games and their go through and cheat codes.

5 Apps you must download from Aptoide

Aptoide is an independent android application market where you can search and find the thousands of applications for free. It is one of the best alternatives of the Google Play Store as here you can find the huge number of applications for your android device and also you can create your own application store where you can upload back up of your installed applications and games from your mobile.

Aptoide is one of the top android markets where you can find all most all the android applications and games. It has more than 7 hundred thousand applications. You can get all these applications for free by installing Aptoide through aptoide installer And also in this app store you can create your own app store where you can upload the application installed in your device.

We can find many applications which are very important for our mobile sets and which helps us in for making our daily life easy. For example, calendar is one of the app that is helpful for our normal daily life. Calculator is another important app that is helpful. Beside these mini apps there are many applications in Aptoide which are must download apps for your mobile devices and which helps you in your normal life to make it easier

  1. Transdroid

Transdroid is an important application for torrent downloader. This application provides a great way to manage your torrent download remotely. This application supports the big torrent clients such as uTorrent, Deluge and Vuze. This app cost you if you download from Google play store but you can download it free in Aptoide.


  1. Blackmart Alpha

This application helps you to download all the paid apps for free. You can find all most all the application in Blackmart Alpha. This app cost you certain dollar in Play Store but you can download this app for free in Aptoide.

  1. Tube mate

Tube mate is an essential application for you if you are fond of videos from Youtube. With this application you can download different videos from YouTube and other sites. Most of the video downloader application cannot download the videos from YouTube. Whereas tube mate enables you to quickly access the videos from YouTube and other sites. You can search, share and download the videos from this app. You can watch, and search videos and download at the same time as it downloads the videos in background. This app is not available in Google Play Store.

  1. Amazon apps store

Amazon app store is one of the biggest Google Play rival which provides the services like Google play store. But the difference is it provides the paid apps for free. However it does not provide all the apps for free but it provides certain apps for free daily. In amazon apps store you can download the various apps like in Google Play Store. It is one of the market which provides the large number of applications, themes, wallpapers, games and needed mobile softwares.

  1. Grooveshark

Groove shark is the popular apps for streaming the music online. With this application you can safely download and stream the music. You can download and listen the music with different genres. You can listen and download the music and ringtones for completely free with this app.

How to do Homeschooling Easily?

The act of educating a child inside the home and not in the formal settings of a private or public school is commonly known by the term home-schooling. It is a great way to stay connected with your kids as you get to spend a lot of time with them.

Many people plan home-schooling with High School Diploma Template for their children but it is actually a very daunting task. As a result, many people feel lost at it.  If you are planning for home-schooling, then here are a few tips that will help you in the process.

Tips for Home-schooling

First thing you have to do is to get it clear that why do you want to do home-schooling.  Read as much as you can and meet other home school families. If you will be clear about the idea, then only you will be able to do it well.

Next thing you have to do is to get familiar with the laws and regulations of your country or state related to home-schooling. Understand what is required out of a home school as this will help you to home school legally and that too with a greater confidence.

Planning is a very important phase of any task you do. So, make a plan about how are you going to do different things. Firstly, decide, what do you plan to achieve by educating your child at home and not in the regular school. Secondly, since you will be spending a lot more time with your kid when you are home-schooling, you will have to identify what kind of relationship you share with your kid and whether your parenting skills need some brushing up or not.

There is not just one but multiple ways to educate a child. Therefore, it is not necessary that you follow the school way of teaching. You can search for different home-schooling techniques and approaches on the internet or you can contact other persons who have adopted home-schooling.

Have a look at different types of home-schooling curriculum and then make your own home-schooling schedule. Although it might seem quite a daunting task but be patient and take move step by step only.

Before starting home-schooling, you must first evaluate the discipline of your house. Discipline is very necessary in order to succeed in life and it should be taught to kids’ right from the beginning. Teaching your child to be disciplined does not mean that you have to be strict with him or her all the time. You can develop your way of disciplining your kid. If necessary, then you might have to redefine your idea of discipline.

Only study and no play will make your kid dull. So, to avoid this enrol your child in community activities like sports, crafts etc. Although you should not pressurise them to do a certain activity but at the same time you should not allow them to give up easily too.

Home-schooling is a great way of educating your kid but make sure you are doing it right.