5 Apps you must download from Aptoide

Aptoide is an independent android application market where you can search and find the thousands of applications for free. It is one of the best alternatives of the Google Play Store as here you can find the huge number of applications for your android device and also you can create your own application store where you can upload back up of your installed applications and games from your mobile.

Aptoide is one of the top android markets where you can find all most all the android applications and games. It has more than 7 hundred thousand applications. You can get all these applications for free by installing Aptoide through aptoide installer And also in this app store you can create your own app store where you can upload the application installed in your device.

We can find many applications which are very important for our mobile sets and which helps us in for making our daily life easy. For example, calendar is one of the app that is helpful for our normal daily life. Calculator is another important app that is helpful. Beside these mini apps there are many applications in Aptoide which are must download apps for your mobile devices and which helps you in your normal life to make it easier

  1. Transdroid

Transdroid is an important application for torrent downloader. This application provides a great way to manage your torrent download remotely. This application supports the big torrent clients such as uTorrent, Deluge and Vuze. This app cost you if you download from Google play store but you can download it free in Aptoide.


  1. Blackmart Alpha

This application helps you to download all the paid apps for free. You can find all most all the application in Blackmart Alpha. This app cost you certain dollar in Play Store but you can download this app for free in Aptoide.

  1. Tube mate

Tube mate is an essential application for you if you are fond of videos from Youtube. With this application you can download different videos from YouTube and other sites. Most of the video downloader application cannot download the videos from YouTube. Whereas tube mate enables you to quickly access the videos from YouTube and other sites. You can search, share and download the videos from this app. You can watch, and search videos and download at the same time as it downloads the videos in background. This app is not available in Google Play Store.

  1. Amazon apps store

Amazon app store is one of the biggest Google Play rival which provides the services like Google play store. But the difference is it provides the paid apps for free. However it does not provide all the apps for free but it provides certain apps for free daily. In amazon apps store you can download the various apps like in Google Play Store. It is one of the market which provides the large number of applications, themes, wallpapers, games and needed mobile softwares.

  1. Grooveshark

Groove shark is the popular apps for streaming the music online. With this application you can safely download and stream the music. You can download and listen the music with different genres. You can listen and download the music and ringtones for completely free with this app.

How to do Homeschooling Easily?

The act of educating a child inside the home and not in the formal settings of a private or public school is commonly known by the term home-schooling. It is a great way to stay connected with your kids as you get to spend a lot of time with them.

Many people plan home-schooling with High School Diploma Template for their children but it is actually a very daunting task. As a result, many people feel lost at it.  If you are planning for home-schooling, then here are a few tips that will help you in the process.

Tips for Home-schooling

First thing you have to do is to get it clear that why do you want to do home-schooling.  Read as much as you can and meet other home school families. If you will be clear about the idea, then only you will be able to do it well.

Next thing you have to do is to get familiar with the laws and regulations of your country or state related to home-schooling. Understand what is required out of a home school as this will help you to home school legally and that too with a greater confidence.

Planning is a very important phase of any task you do. So, make a plan about how are you going to do different things. Firstly, decide, what do you plan to achieve by educating your child at home and not in the regular school. Secondly, since you will be spending a lot more time with your kid when you are home-schooling, you will have to identify what kind of relationship you share with your kid and whether your parenting skills need some brushing up or not.

There is not just one but multiple ways to educate a child. Therefore, it is not necessary that you follow the school way of teaching. You can search for different home-schooling techniques and approaches on the internet or you can contact other persons who have adopted home-schooling.

Have a look at different types of home-schooling curriculum and then make your own home-schooling schedule. Although it might seem quite a daunting task but be patient and take move step by step only.

Before starting home-schooling, you must first evaluate the discipline of your house. Discipline is very necessary in order to succeed in life and it should be taught to kids’ right from the beginning. Teaching your child to be disciplined does not mean that you have to be strict with him or her all the time. You can develop your way of disciplining your kid. If necessary, then you might have to redefine your idea of discipline.

Only study and no play will make your kid dull. So, to avoid this enrol your child in community activities like sports, crafts etc. Although you should not pressurise them to do a certain activity but at the same time you should not allow them to give up easily too.

Home-schooling is a great way of educating your kid but make sure you are doing it right.

Mp3 juice review and features

Mp3 juice is an application which allows you to enjoy or download the music in you mobile devices. You can easily download any songs you want with this service. The music you will find in this app is from various sources such as YouTube, Sound Cloud, vk, Yandex, Goear, yourlisten, 4 shared, Archive, PromoDJ, and 3DI. It does not host any music files in its own server. It just provides the files you request from YouTube and Sound cloud.

With this app installed in your device you will feel like all your favorite music files which are available on internet at your fingertips because it uses Sound clouds and youtube as its main server where you can almost all songs.

The users of this app have reviewed this app in positive and in negative way. B

Positive reviews:

This app is very user friendly. You can listen and download music without any hindrances as it is very user friendly app. And also as this app uses YouTube and Sound cloud as the main source for music, you will get millions of songs for listening and downloading.

Unlike others downloader it helps to download the mp3s in a very high speed.. There is hardly a song that is not available in this site it has various sources which is popular for hosting music files. You can easily download the song you want. All you need to do is enter the name of the song you want to listen or download in search option, search it and it will displays series of songs with the same title.

For the convenience you will see the source of the mp3 file. You can also change the source for searching favorite music files in case if you could not find your favorite song in the search results. And after you find your favorite music you can download it or instead of downloading your music files you can also listen the music online too, if you don’t want to download.

You can have your own playlist in this app too where you can create your own playlists and add your favorite tracks in the list and keep on listening the music so that whenever you want to listen the playlists you can connect to internet and log in with your id and retrieve your playlists.

Negative reviews

User complains more about the limited options for downloading. It allows user to download the particular song only. It would be better if a user can download whole album at a time and also many user feels managing library is limited. You cannot re- arrange the library according to the album or artist or any other orders. And other issue from the customer is whether downloading the songs from this app is legal or not because most of the songs are copy right protected.

This application is not available in Google Play store because it does not meet the required criteria. But you can download this app from other app markets such as aptoide, mobogenie and others.

Best Roach Killer You Must Try

It is very important to control the roaches in the houses as they have very negative effect on the health. Most of the people uses the different types of pesticides to kill them. The various types of roach killing pesticides are available in your nearest store. But you should remember that they can be very dangerous for your children and other pets if they come in contact with it. So, always keep it far from reach of children and pet.

As we have mentioned that there are many solutions for killing the roaches. What is the best roach killer then? If you use the available solutions in the correct way then most of the solutions found in the stores are very effective. However we suggest you for using the killer baits as it is the best roach killer. The killer baits is known to be the best option in terms of the safety measures. While using it there is no need to touch the chemicals. It is also very easy to use it.

All you need to do is purchase the trap and place it in the proper location in your house. You can place the sweets and fats around it so that the roaches get attracted. Most of the baits available in the stores works for 12 months. However, there is one drawback of using it. The traps are very small which helps to trap the small and medium size of cockroaches only. If you are looking for the solution of controlling the bigger species then you should consider using other solutions.

One of the better solution for killing the roaches is using the boric acids. Today this solution is widely used by most of the people. This solution has proved itself to be very effective if used in the correct way. However, some people complains about it being not so effective.

But the actual reason for its non-effective is that the people do not follow the proper instruction to use it. Boric acid should be applied in a thin layer for making it effective. Also make sure that it is not possible to be viewed by the naked eyes. As the roaches do not go on the heavy accumulations, they are applied in a thin layer.

Boric acids should be used in those places from where the roaches enter your home. When the roaches comes in the contact with the powder, it will stick in their body. Once the roaches lick it from their body, they will die.


No matter how effective the solution is, the roaches will return to your house unless you find the solution to destroy the nest itself. It is very hard to find the nest as the roaches mostly sets the nest in the floor cracks, wall crevices and other places that are almost impossible for you to reach. So, the only thing you will do is use the best roach killer to control them.

As we have already mentioned, you should follow the preventive measures to use the different treatments. You should keep the foods and water away from the places where you have applied the solutions.

Tubidy MP3 app review

Music is one of the best way to get entertained when you feel lazy and bored. People always like to carry music with them to any place they visit. They gets their favorite music to their mobile phone through the internet. There are various mobile apps that has made it possible to download the songs in the mobile phones. Among them, Tubidy MP3app for is one of the popular music searching and downloading app for iPhone and iPad users.

Tubidy MP3 is loved by the most of the users as it makes the millions of songs available in your mobile phones. This app makes you browse the different song in YouTube and Sound cloud. We all know that YouTube is one of the best site where you can get the millions of songs and other videos. Similarly, Soundcloud is a free music app where the music creators and listeners share the different music. You can easily search the song you like throughout them and then you can listen as well as download it through Tubidy.

Similarly, Soundcloud is a free music app where the music creators and listeners share the different music. You can easily search the song you like throughout them and then you can listen as well as download it.

One of the factor that is making is preferred by so many people is its simplicity to use.  You just need to start searching either from YouTube or Soundcloud then once you find it you can start downloading.

According to the various researches made, Tubidy MP3 app has got the mixed review. Here are the positive factors and negative factors of this app:-


YouTube and Soundcloud is the collection of the million numbers of the songs. Hence, with this app you can easily search and find your favorite music in the internet. The service is very easy and quick to use. Tubidy app not only lets you to search and download the mp3 files but it can also be used to download the music videos. Similarly, you are provided with the feature to create the favorite list.

It is very helpful to search and find the favorite songs quickly. The other plus point of this app is that it requires very less space to be installed in your device. Hence, it is very wise idea to try it once.

This app where almost all songs are available is offered for free of cost.


Even if there are many great features in this Tubidy MP3 app, many users have made a complaint about it. One of the common problem that many user face is that it displays the unwanted ads on it. We all know that it is common problems in many free apps but if it had offered the option to remove it then it would be more loved. GadgetSuperSite lists some more cons as mentioned below.

Another disappointing factors is that sometime we may be chasing the fake titles when searching the music. The problem occurs as the music library in this application is according to the unloaders and there are some users who upload the music giving the misleading titles.

This app is not available for the Android users as it is especially introduced for the iPhone and iPod users only. However Android device users can use its various features through their mobile web browser by accessing.